Zanokhanyo Children's Safety Home is located in Makhasa, Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa. The home is run by the Ndithas - Nolubabalo (Nolu) and Christophe. It was founded in 2005 at another site in Khayelitsha when Nolu, an unemployed community worker, was troubled to see children living on the streets without food, after her parents had died of HIV/AIDS. She opened her heart and took the children into her home and began looking after them. Everyday her life revolves around the children and taking care of them to the best of her ability. More children were brought to her house by the police and social workers as a temporary place of refuge for a few days or few weeks. Tragedy struck in October 2007 when the house caught on fire and 4 of the children lost their lives and Zanokhanyo lost everything but their spirit was not broken. It's been a long and very challenging road for Nolu and Christophe but they are succeeding to do so much with so little. Today there are 26 children living at the home.  Twelve boy aged between 6 and 20 years and fourteen girls, aged between 18 months and 16 years old. Nolu has one dedicated volunteer who helps her with her daily tasks e.g. getting the children up every morning, getting them washed and dressed, assisting her with the housework, ironing and cooking.


Long-term goals
Our mission at Zanokhanyo is to provide a loving and caring environment for the children so that they can grow up to become responsible adults. Our vision is to create an environment where children:

  • Live in a safe and humane environment
  • Grow up to be happy and healthy adults 
  • Have access to education
  • Are integrated in the community
  • Receive age appropriate stimulation through sports, arts and cultural activities
  • Stay away from crime and drugs

Meet the board to ensure accountability of the children home.