Current housing conditions

Their living space is also a massive challenge. The 27 children sleep in 3 bedrooms. We recently received funding to buy bunk beds, new mattresses and linen for all the children which was installed end of April 2010 so now each child has their own bed and brand new linen. The two babies sleep in Nolu and Christofe’s room. There is no space for tables and chairs in the house so the children eat their meals sitting outside in the sand, or sitting on their beds or on the floor inside the house. There is a small kitchen with a donated fridge and oven. The kitchen has no sink and Nolu and her community volunteers have to walk around the back of the house to the  outdoor tap when they need water. They have a donated washing machine, oven, fridge and freezer.

We have an architect to assist us with drawing up the plans for the extensions that are so desperately needed. The plan is to build extensions which will include additional bedrooms and bathrooms including showers, a communal dining room and lounge, study/library and kitchen. The home extensions have been put on hold until there is a sustainable source of income to the home as extensions will just put an additional strain on their financial situation e.g. increasing electricity costs and maintenance.