Current financial situation

Through donations received from the local community and from a travel agency in Kenilworth they rebuilt their little home where it now stands. It’s a very basic little house and has a small kitchen, 4 bedrooms that sleep 25 children, two 8 month old babies, Nolu and Christophe. There is one small bathroom with one bath, one basin and one toilet used by 28 people. Up until recently they did not even have hot water. They survive each month with very little income. The biggest challenge at the home is food with a constant shortage. There are currently 26 children but the home only receives social grants for 14 children. Children who were brought to the home by a social worker are classified as "foster children" and those children receive R600 per month per  child. However, children who came to the home without the involvement of a social worker only receive R240 p/m per child. She currently receives 4 foster child grants and 10 child grants totalling R4, 800 income per month. The other 11 children don't receive social grants yet because they either don't have birth certificates (burnt in the fire) or they are at the home temporarily and previous parents/guardians are still receiving the social grants. This money is used for food, clothes, electricity and transport. heart (a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town) assisted Zanokhanyo by procuring sponsorship for two FoodTents which are now yielding delicious spinach, cabbages, green peppers, spring onions and celery. Nolu uses some of the fresh vegetables to feed the children and sells some to the community to generate a small income for their daily needs. They have the option of purchasing nutritious pre-cooked stew packs from Community in Action in Belville at a fantastic rate but logistics of getting the food from their kitchen to Zanokhanyo remains a challenge. Foodbank also delivers adhoc food donations weekly to the home depending on what is available.

We have a kind donation from a local production company to provide Zanokhanyo with free  accounting services. The accountant is going to assist Nolu and Christofe with a simple financial recording system to implement into the home and also to assist them with monthly budgeting. He will also be assisting with getting the home registered as a section 18A organisation which will help offset South African company donations against their tax.