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The children demonstrate to us that as human beings all we need in this world are love and kindness in our hearts. Their home houses no comforts that we might be used to yet that does not keep them from smiling each day and being playful in their daily chores. The basic bill of rights for children states that “every child has the right to basic shelter, nutrition and children are not to be placed at risk of well-being, in physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development”, then Zanokhanyo needs us to fulfil this need to a far greater extent than it currently is able to and with your help we can achieve this together!

Zanokhanyo is in need of a long-term partner that provides the children with a reliable support  structure to help them with food, housing, financial support, education, security and medical  support.

Financial support:
Currently Zanokhanyo does not receive financial support from Social Development.  The home relies on donations from individuals and corporations. Zanokhanyo is looking for a long-term partner to offer financial assistance for food, education, meet the day-day costs of operating a children’s home. Each and every donation is used for Zanokhanyo and NO moneys are paid to trustees, fundraisers or organizers of any description whatsoever.  We have a dedicated chartered account company L.Rubin & Company who assist with the management of funds.

Education sponsorship:
Donations will be used towards school fees, books, school supplies, school uniforms , transport and other education-related costs. 
Depending on the school they attend, the costs for one year are about ZAR 2500 (~330 USD or ~250 EUR).

If you want to support us, please get in contact with us to find out your best options.

Zanokhanyo's banking details:Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Account No: 404-5111-39
Account Name: Zanokhanyo Children's Safety Home
Branch Code: 022209
Branch: Bayside

In-Kind donations:
See our wishlist for current in-kind donation needs.

Volunteering support:
  • Part-time Social Worker to assess the children and assist with getting the home registered with Social Development
  • Volunteers to assist with fundraising for the home 
  • After-school support—teachers/educational volunteers/early childhood development teachers to assist the children in Grade 1-Grade 4 with their homework
  • Volunteers to teach and assist the children with reading, writing and speaking English 
  • Medical Doctors and Dentists to give regular check-ups to the children
  • Volunteers to offer sports, dance, musical programs and organize outings for the children