Who says that Townships cannot be green? Thanks to Mischa and his team at Greenpop Zanokhanyo now has 10 trees beautifying its grounds and hopefully one day will provide some much needed shade for the children.

Mischa and his team of volunteers came out on 28th September to plant 10 indigenous trees. The children gladly participated digging holes, mixing the nutrients into the soil, planting the trees and watering them. It has made such a difference to the home and we hope that they look after the trees well so that the can benefit from their beauty and shade in a few months time.

Greenpop (www.greenpop.org) is a Cape Town based NGO - in three months they have planted more than 1700 trees in under-greened schools in Cape Town and the tree-volution continues.They also want to focus on environmental education and community upliftment through social interaction,beau-tree-fication and working closely with schools and community centres.

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