According to the Department of Education, there are currently 7.5 million children who don’t have school shoes in South Africa.  Bobs for Good Foundation, run by rugby legend Bob Skinstad, seeks to address this problem through their nonprofit organization which provide new school shoes to schoolchildren in need.

Claire from B4G brought out 19 pairs of brand new school shoes to the children at Zanokhanyo. These were to replace their school shoes which were either non-existent or so full of holes that their feet must have been getting drenched in the winter rain walking to school. Having a new pair of shiny school shoes not only brings a smile to their faces but also improves their dignity and pride associated with going to school. We had a team of visitors fitting shoes and the room was full of smiles!

Thank you so much to Claire Alexander and the whole team from Bobs for Good for their kindness and support. For more information on the B4G Foundation please see their website

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