Zanokanyo was one of the four fortunate children’s homes invited to Pick  n’ Pay’s annual Charity Movie Day organized by their events company - SynerG. For most of the children it was their first time in a movie theatre, first time riding on an escalator and first time munching through a box of movie popcorn.

All the children were transported in private cars to Canal Walk Shopping Centre and arrived not knowing quite what to expect. They were in for quite a treat. On arrival they were given beautiful MARMADUKE T shirts and there was quite an entertainment spread put on for them from magicians, jumping castles, face painting and balloon animal making. They were having a ball and the movie had not even started yet.
They were treated to a cool drink and a box of popcorn before entering the cinema to watch that crazy dog MARMADUKE. After the movie they enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the events hall and were given a really fun noise making balloon before heading home after a wonderfully special day.
Many thanks to Pick ‘n Pay for their kindness in sponsoring the day, to Marya and her team from synerG for organizing the event, to Phuthi, Candice, Bregje, Pascal, Thine and Sarah and for their help with all the transport and to Nu Metro at Canal Walk for hosting us.

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