Siyanda- a local Grade 11 boy – has been volunteering his time after school and on weekends implementing an activities programme for the children such as gumboot dancing, drumming , singing and dancing. These activities are so vital to helping keep the children occupied and stimulated. It’s been so successful and the children LOVE their time with Siyanda so much.

What has been challenging is not having any of the musical instruments or costumes that they needed to be able to get out and perform at local venues. The children kept asking us to buy these but the items were not priority in terms of the limited funding we had so we suggested that they put together a concert fundraiser which they took in their stride.
The concert was held at Zanokhanyo on Saturday 16th October and well attended by various friends and supporters and a few local community members. There was some great acting with some fantastic costumes that the children had rustled together in the home, some fabulous dancing and some gum boot dancing. There was also a guest group that performed for us.
We raised almost R4000 and have already purchased 2 drums which the children are LOVING and are being well used. During the school holidays Siyanda will prioritise sorting out the traditional costumers for the children. The plan is for us to assist them find opportunities to perform in different places in Cape Town to raise money and be able to contribute towards the home.
Many thanks to everyone who attended and contributed towards the fundraiser. (See under FRIENDS section of website).

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