Imagine having to sleep with 3 other children? This was the situation at Zanokhanyo before a group of kind and generous sponsors stepped in. The 25 children at Zanokhanyo sleep in 3 small rooms and the sleeping situation was dire. 8 of the little children were sleeping in 2 single beds – the one was propped up with bricks. We fundraised for enough money to get each child at Zanokhanyo their own bed.

We wanted to keep the bunk beds a surprise from the children so arranged for them to go down to Masande Educare Centre for a morning of dancing and art whilst we were hard at work erecting the bunk beds with the crew from Kidz City. It’s really hard to describe the excitement on the childrens’ faces when they got home and they saw their new beds-they were screaming hysterically! The little ones were jumping all over their beds and everyone was beeming!  It’s so heartwarming to see this kind of appreciation as we knew that it was going to make such a huge difference in these children’s lives-in terms of their dignity and privacy being able to sleep in their own beds every night.
These are the angels that made it all happen- a HUGE MASSIVE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your very kind donations and time.

  • Paul t’Hart and Marieke Kleinboer from Holland who kindly donated a large portion of the costs for the bunk beds, mattresses and underbed storage units.
  • Julie, Dalene and Genene from Absolute Travel in Kenilworth for their kind donation towards the bunk beds and mattresses.
  • Club Cares (the CSI division of Club Travel) for donating all the new linen-pillows, duvets, sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers.
  • Sean Meadon from Kidz City kindly gave us a sooper doper deal on the bunk beds, mattresses, underbed storage units, linen, pillows and duvets and was so fantastic about coming out to Zanokhanyo to measure up for the beds and arranged for all the items to be delivered free of charge to the home. He also arranged for his staff to be there to erect the beds on the day. (

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