Going on an outing out of Khayelitsha is such a treat for the children of Zanokhanyo--it helps brighten up their day and take away the boredom and monotony of every day life. It also helps expose them to the "other side" of Cape Town and this outing also had a good educational aspect as well.

Thanks to the kindness of the Two Oceans Aquarium and the V + A Waterfront we managed to take ALL the children out for the day. A team of friends and volunteers helped us with the transport. The children were mesmerised by the many interesting and some very strange looking fish and other under the water creatures. Climbing into the Nemo Tank for photos, gently stroking that starfish, giggling at the penguins and gasping at the man eating sharks the children LOVED seeing all the fish and learning about the sea life. Next up was experiencing the heights and sights of beautiful Cape Town by riding on the Wheel of Excellence. The children were remarkably not afraid of the Wheel and LOVED seeing all the views and being in the little gondolas. Next we were off to Sea Point Promenade where we had a picnic and the children enjoyed a dip in the somewhat FREEZING ocean, the older boys enjoyed a few games of soccer and cricket with Simon and the little children enjoyed the swings and roundabouts at the park. All good things must come to an end though and at around 3pm we headed back to Zanokhanyo after a wonderful outing.

Many thanks to all these friends and angels for making this happen-
* Phuthi, Candice, Simon, Bregje, Julie, Morne, Dewaal, Lexi and Jess for helping with all the transport and supervision.
* James, Bianca, Eric, Lindsay and Simon for the zillion delicious sandwiches and biscuits.
* Julie and Morne for the juice and ice.
* Norma for the delicious cake.
* Carrin Blake from the Two Oceans Aquarium for the sponsorship of all the entrance tickets (http://www.aquarium.co.za/)
* Penny Randall, Barbara Roberts and Shannon Moore for the sponsorship of the Wheel of Excellence Tickets (http://www.capewheel.co.za/)

See pictures of the outing.

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